Meet Pieka

Our names are Shane & Jaime Powell.  We’d like to welcome you to the internet home of Pieka, otherwise known as Alta-Tollhaus Bali CDX-C, NW2, BH, RL2, RL1X, RN, CGC!  We created this website partially to collect information that we thought others might find interesting or helpful…but mostly to show off our beautiful girl.

Pieka (pronounced pee-kah) is a long coated German Shepherd Dog, out of West German showlines.  She was born on September 7, 2008.  Her dam is V U-CH Quellie vom Kirschental SchH 3, KKL1a LBZ, CD, U-RO1 A-Stamp Normal ED + Fast Normal HD.  Her sire is V1 Markus vom Status Quo SchH3 KKL1 Hips A1 Elbows Normal ZW 66.  Pieka was bred by Julie Richards-Mostosky, of Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherd Dogs in Michigan.

As you will see on our other pages, we are active in dog sports.  Pieka trains in obedience, rally, and nosework.  We have dabbled in agility, herding, and tracking.  In her spare time, Pieka enjoys life in beautiful southern New Hampshire.

It might come as a surprise, once you see how active she is, but Pieka has both mega-esophagus (“mega-E”) and secondary Addison’s disease.   Many people took the time to help us when Pieka was diagnosed with these conditions; in turn, we have tried to be a resource for others.  For more information on mega-E, please read this article:  A Guide To Mega-Esophagus.  While her health issues have certainly had an effect on our training progress and goals, they have not stopped Pieka from living an active life or obtaining several competitive titles.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Pieka’s Place.  If you have questions or comments about Pieka, German Shepherd Dogs, training, mega-E, or dogs in general, you are welcome to contact us at